How many CME hours can I receive for attending the conference?

ACFAS has approved this activity for a maximum of 26 Continuing Education Contact Hours. Note: Attendance at preconference workshops will provide up to eight additional Continuing Education Contact Hours.

How soon will I receive my CME certificate post conference?
Approximately 30 days after the conference, you will receive an email to review your CME, confirm your attendance and print your transcript. 

Will I be able to access speaker handouts online after the conference?
Handouts will not be available for ACFAS 2018. Past years' statistics show the number of attendees who actually accessed the materials was less than 15 percent of attendees. 

When does onsite conference registration open?
Conference registration will open on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 from 1:00 to 6:00 pm located at Delta Lobby BCD.

What is included in the Wrap Party?
The wrap party will be held at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Tickets are $55, which includes your choice of beverages and a tasty buffet dinner (salmon fillet, sirloin of beef and a variety of sides).

  • Shuttle buses will begin loading at 5:45 pm, and buses will run until
    9:15 pm (last run from the Country Music Hall of Fame).

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