How many CME hours can I receive for attending the conference?
ACFAS has approved this activity for a maximum of 26 Continuing Education Contact Hours. Note: Due to restrictions put in place by the State of Nevada, there will be no in-person pre-conference workshops this year.

Where will I scan for CME?
CME Information

How soon will I receive my CME certificate post conference?
Approximately 30 days after the conference, you will receive an email to review your CME, confirm your attendance and print your transcript.

Will I be able to access speaker handouts online after the conference?
If made available by the speaker, PDF materials will be made available on the ACFAS 2021 Digital Portal.

When does onsite conference registration open?
Due to capacity restrictions put in place by the State of Nevada, there will be no on-site registration allowed this year for ACFAS 2021. Badge pick up will open on Monday, May 17 from 1-6pm at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Ballroom IJK.

Family / Guest Badges
Due to social distancing precautions limiting capacities in the exhibit hall and meeting rooms, family/guest badges will not be available for ACFAS 2021.

Will there be a Welcome Reception this year?
ACFAS is working to plan for a welcome celebration that complies with restrictions put in place by the State of Nevada.

What is included in the Wrap Party?
Due to restrictions put in place by the State of Nevada, we will not be able to hold a wrap party for ACFAS 2021. 

I heard that capacity is limited to 750 people. What happens when space fills up?
Once we have reached our capacity, we will shut down online registration. However, we will add a waitlist feature. If people cancel or additional slots open up, we will contact people from the list on a first come, first served basis.

Will there be pre-conference programs?
Due to current restrictions from the State of Nevada, the College will unfortunately not be able to run any pre-conference surgical workshops or hands-on workshops. This was not an easy decision. As you know, ACFAS pre-conference surgical workshops and hands-on workshops take time for faculty to prepare as well as the significant planning it takes to set up a cadaver lab. With the directives we knew of as of March 1, 2021, we did not want to run the risk of faculty preparing for a workshop, and if things didn’t improve, have to cancel it at the last minute.

If I attend in person will be able to obtain CME through the virtual conference?
All Annual Scientific Conference registrants will have access to the ACFAS 2021 Digital Portal. CME for viewing the sessions recordings will only be available to the virtual registrants.

Safety Protocols
ACFAS will follow state, local authority and hotel regulations. Current directives as of March 12, 2021 mandate the wearing of masks and social distancing. For more information visit Celebrating Safely.

ACFAS 2021 Virtual Conference

How do I register?
Register Now

What is included with the registration?
Digital ACFAS21

Are the educational sessions being live streamed?
No, select educational sessions will be recorded and available for viewing.

How many CME credits are available with the digital program?
You will be able to access up to 26 CME hours of educational content recorded at the conference. View list of sessions.

Can I cancel my registration?
Once a registration for the virtual-only conference is made, it is considered final. No refunds will be granted.

When is the registration deadline?
Registration for the virtual-only package closes on May 17th.

How will I view the meeting?
You’ll be able to access the recordings of the sessions the day after the session was delivered live directly through your virtual conference platform.

How will I receive CME credit/certificate for this virtual?
You will receive CME by completing a short quiz for each session you view. Upon completion, you will receive your certificate through the virtual conference system.

Can I view this at a later date and time?
Yes, you can watch these sessions anytime, anywhere and will have up to 60 days after the conference ends to complete your viewings and earn your CME.

Is this meeting interactive?
The CME portion of the virtual conference is made up of the recordings taken directly at the in-person conference. In order to receive CME, you will need to complete a short assessment. Other parts of the virtual conference experience such as industry webinars and the poster gallery will allow you to ask questions and get them answered!

When will recordings become available?
Recordings of sessions will normally be ready for viewing the day after the live session was delivered.

Will there be session handouts, if so, where can I find them?
If made available by the speaker, PDF materials will be made available on the ACFAS 2021 Digital Portal.

How will I be able to interact with exhibitors through the virtual platform?
You can view industry content through the Industry Pavilion section of the virtual conference platform. From there, you’ll be able to learn about exhibitors, download materials, and view scheduled industry webinars.

How long will I have access to the recorded content?
60 days after the conference ends.

Who do I contact for technical help?
Click on the technical support link located on the virtual conference platform.

For general assistance please submit your questions to info@acfas.org and someone from ACFAS staff will assist you.

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