ACFAS Honors Largest Gathering of Past Presidents


Chicago, July 26, 2017 - In the largest gathering of past presidents ever assembled, the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) honored its past leaders for their service during the College's Anniversary Scientific Conference earlier this year. Twenty-five of the 33 living past presidents were in attendance.

"For 75 years the College has been a trailblazer in advancing the profession from chiropody to podiatry to foot and ankle surgery, thanks to 10,000 members and hundreds of volunteer leaders-all represented by these past presidents," said J.C (Chris) Mahaffey, MS, CAE, FASAE, ACFAS executive director.

Conference attendees received the new ACFAS history book, The Evolution of a Profession: The First 75 Years of ACFAS, and gave the past presidents a standing ovation at the Opening General Session. View the history book and video at

Past Presidents Photo

Photo Caption:
Past Presidents of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons at the College's 75th Anniversary Scientific Conference, February 2017, Las Vegas.

Front Row: Seymour Z. Beiser (1972-73), William Lowe (1974-75), Donald W. Hugar (1980-82), Gary R. Dorfman (1983-84), Joel R. Clark (1985-86), Richard L. Hecker (1986-87), James H. Lawton (1989-90), Howard M. Sokoloff (1990-91), Gary S. Kaplan (1991-92), Lowell Scott Weil (1993-94), David C. Novicki (1994-95).

Back Row: Harold D. Schoenhaus (1995-96), Gary M. Lepow (1999-2000), Bruce R. Werber (2003-04), John J. Stienstra (2005-06), James L. Thomas (2006-07), Daniel J. Hatch (2007-08), Mary E. Crawford (2009-10), Michael S. Lee (2010-2011), Glenn M. Weinraub (2011-12), Michelle L. Butterworth (2012-13), Thomas S. Roukis (2014-15), Richard Derner (2015-16), Sean T. Grambart (2016-17), Laurence G. Rubin (2017-18).

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