Advanced Surgical Techniques and Innovation Highlight Foot and Ankle Conference


CHICAGO-February 15, 2013- A record number of foot and ankle surgeons from around the globe gathered this week to further advance their surgical techniques and to take advantage of the latest in surgical innovations at the 71st Annual Scientific Conference of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons in Las Vegas.

Conference Highlights and Hot Topics

Smoking and Bone Healing - A Risky Combination: Smokers take nearly 50 percent longer to heal after surgery than non-smokers. For every non-smoking patient whose bones heal normally, four smokers will experience non-union, or failure of the bone to mend. Surgeons discussed ways to treat this challenging patient population.

Lisfranc Injury - Easy to Miss, Hard to Get Over:  Left untreated, this little-known and often overlooked foot injury can lead to serious long-term problems like osteoarthritis, chronic pain and even foot deformities. Surgeons assessed the best treatment options for this complex injury that seems to be afflicting more and more professional athletes.

Pediatric Flatfoot Deformity - A Cause for Alarm?  Left untreated, pediatric flatfoot poses a serious developmental threat to children. Foot and ankle surgeons re-examined the best course of treatment for optimal long-term health.

The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons is a professional society of 6,800 foot and ankle surgeons. Founded in 1942, the College’s mission is to promote research and provide continuing education for the foot and ankle surgical specialty, and to educate the general public on foot health and conditions of the foot and ankle through its consumer website,

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