Scientific Literature Reviews - June 2010

Andrew J. Meyr, DPM, Editor

The ACFAS’s Scientific Literature Reviews is a compilation of brief summaries of quality research from world-renowned medical journals, provided by podiatric residents from across the country.


June 2010

Anterior tarsectomy long-term results in adult pes cavus
Reviewed by:  Stanitia Davis, DPM

Fine Needle Aspiration for Clinical Triage of Extremity Soft Tissue Masses
Reviewed by:  Kurt Glesne, DPM

Plantar Pressures in Patients with and without Lateral Foot Pain after Lateral Column Lengthening
Reviewed by:  Shanta L. Griffin

Glycated Hemoglobin, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Risk in Nondiabetic Adults
Reviewed by:  Catherine Hudson, DPM

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection for Chronic Achilles Tendinopathy: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Reviewed by:  Joshua P. Daly, DPM

Long-term glucose control and risk of perioperative complications
Reviewed by:  Adam J. Peaden, DPM

Posterior Malleolar Stabilization of Syndesmotic Injuries is Equivalent to Screw Fixation
Reviewed by:  Jonathan Wilson, DPM

Clinical success using patient-oriented outcome measures after lower extremity bypass and endovascular intervention for ischemic tissue loss
Reviewed by:  Joshua Worley DPM

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