Scientific Literature Reviews

 John S. Steinberg, DPM, Editor 

The ACFAS’s Scientific Literature Reviews is a compilation of brief summaries of quality research from world-renowned medical journals, provided by podiatric residents from across the country.


October 2008

Ability of Lower-Extremity Injury Severity Scores to Predict Functional Outcome After Limb Salvage 
Reviewed by: Jacqueline B. Truong, DPM, MPH

The Effect of Local Anesthetics Administered via Pain Pump on Chondrocyte Viability 
Reviewed by: Marie-Christine Torchon

Comparison of a Novel Fiber Wire-Button vs. Metallic Screw Fixation in a Syndesmotic Injury Model 
Reviewed by: Caroline Gauthier, DPM

Highly Effective Regimen for Deconlinzation of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Carriers 
Reviewed by: Matthew P. Bock, DPM

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