Scientific Literature Reviews

John S. Steinberg, DPM, Editor

The ACFAS’s Scientific Literature Reviews is a compilation of brief summaries of quality research from world-renowned medical journals, provided by podiatric residents from across the country.


December 2008

Radiological Study of Joint Destruction Patterns in Rheumatoid Flatfoot 
Reviewed by: Johnnie Alston, DPM

Propeller Flaps for Leg Reconstruction 
Reviewed by: Betty Carreira, DPM

Arthroscopic Treatment of Chronic Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus: Long-term Results 
Reviewed by: Maria Teresa Ibanez, DPM

Hardware Removal after Tibial Fracture has Healed 
Reviewed by: Sabrina Minhas, DPM

Predictors for the Healing of Transmetatarsal Amputations: Retrospective Study of 91 Amputations 
Reviewed by: Heather Rafal, DPM

A Modified Operation for Achilles Tendon Ruptures 
Reviewed by: Kristin Settles, DPM

Fracture of the Lateral Process of the Talus in Snowboarders 
Reviewed by: Lance Sims, DPM

The Management of Ischemic Heel Ulcers and Gangrene in the Endovascular Era 
Reviewed by: David Swain, DPM

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