Scientific Literature Reviews - September 2009

John S. Steinberg, DPM, Editor

The ACFAS’s Scientific Literature Reviews is a compilation of brief summaries of quality research from world-renowned medical journals, provided by podiatric residents from across the country.


September 2009

The Efficacy of Intra-Articular Hyaluronan Injection After the Microfracture Technique for the Treatment of Articular Cartilage Lesions
Reviewed by: Dennis Patrick Claire, DPM

Quality of Life and Disability in Patients withTreatment-Failure Gout
Reviewed by: Essam Khedr, DPM

The Effect of Thrombin Activation of Platelet-Rich Plasma on Demineralized Bone Matrix Osteoinductivity
Reviewed By: Jennifer Pappalardo, DPM

Targeted Ultrasound of the Fifth Metatarsophalangeal Joint in an Early Inflammatory Arthritis Cohort
Reviewed by: Kevin Murphy, DPM


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