President's Perspective December 2019

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New Beginnings
Christopher L. Reeves, MS, DPM, FACFAS
ACFAS President

A new year. Time for reflection, vision, and change. 

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” To say 2019 was a busy year for ACFAS would be an understatement, but I tell you proudly that with the leadership of your Board of Directors and staff, “it” was nothing short of monumental. Why? 

Throughout my athletic career, time in school, residency and practice, there are slumps, difficult times, and constant tests of mental and physical stamina. But the “it” describes resilience, determination, and passion, that never fails, and “it” is hustle. It’s a lesson I emphasize to my little leaguers and to my residents, that no matter the circumstances, no matter the odds, no matter your skill level, the ability to hustle will also be there and be in your control. Your ACFAS leaders flat out hustle. 2020 is nearly upon us and we are facing significant changes: new vision and mission statements, a new executive director, and a record five new board members; however, the groundwork, the culture, and the hustle will not change and the road map to success is ever present. 

As we reflect on 2019 it is evident that we are setting the stage for growth and progress for years to come. We set yet another annual conference attendance record in New Orleans. We responded to multiple attacks from outside our specialty. Refreshed bylaws and policies are now in place. Four new Clinical Consensus Statements were finished. New CME events were launched. And membership reached yet another record high.

Our intra-organizational work will pay off dividends in the long run for our members as we leverage current success into future triumphs. Our work on the DPM-orthopaedic task force, while slow and steady, will pay dividends. We have continued to work closely with ABFAS to ensure that being board certified in foot and ankle surgery is the measuring stick for our members, your patients, and your hospitals. 

The most important work of this Board for the future of ACFAS is the adoption of new vision and mission statements and the selection of a new executive director. From July through October, the seven-member CEO Search Committee vetted candidates, conducted interviews and selected Patrick “PJ” Andrus, CAE as your new ACFAS executive director. PJ is a visionary with vast experience in organization leadership that will help take ACFAS to the next level. 

Our new vision and mission statements are:
ACFAS Vision: Inspire excellence in foot and ankle care for every patient by every member. 
ACFAS Mission: 
Empower our members to be proven leaders and lifelong learners who positively impact the lives of their patients. 

We feel these updated statements better represent and align with the College’s core values and focus. They are more engaging and meaningful to our members and the patients we serve and the work that we do every day. It was essential that they accurately pinpoint what ACFAS represents moving forward. 

As you can see, 2019 was a huge success. 2020 will be even better. New leaders, new voices, but the same ‘ole hustle. As always, we are all proven leaders, lifelong learners, who change lives every day. Happy New Year to all of you —and I hope to see YOU at our 2020 Annual Scientific Conference, February 19-22, in San Antonio.

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