Scientific Literature Reviews

Benjamin D. Cullen, DPM, FACFAS, Senior Editor 

ACFAS Scientific Literature Review Monthly offers a variety of published articles, including clinical studies, case reports, methodology and technical reports, clinical pearls, literature reviews and more. Each issue constitutes a state-of-the-art textbook chapter in the field of foot and ankle surgery.
January 2022

Open Versus Arthroscopic Ankle Arthrodesis in High-Risk Patients: A Comparative Study
Reviewed By: Lant Abernathy, DPM

Effect of Muscle Atrophy and Fatty Infiltration on Mid-Term Clinical, and Functional Outcomes After Achilles Tendon Repair
Reviewed By: Alex Barnett, DPM

Delayed Functional Therapy After Acute Lateral Ankle Sprain Increases Subjective Ankle Instability – The Later, The Worse: A Retrospective Analysis
Reviewed By: Alex J. Bischoff, DPM

Heated Tobacco Products Impair Cell Viability, Osteoblastic Differentiation, and Bone Fracture-Healing
Reviewed By: Andrew J. Bloom, DPM

Effect of Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections vs Placebo on Ankle Symptoms and Function in Patients with Ankle Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Reviewed by: Stefany Carvalho, DPM

Tibiotalocalcaneal Intramedullary Nailing for Unstable Geriatric Ankle Fractures
Reviewed By: Dominick J. Casciato, DPM

Predicting Syndesmotic Injury in OTA/AO 44-B2.1 (Danis-Weber B) Fractures
Reviewed By: Amar Chandra, DPM

Suture Button Versus Syndesmosis Screw Fixation in Pronation-External Rotation Ankle Fractures: A Minimum 6-Year Follow-Up of A Randomised Controlled Trial
Reviewed by: Olivia K. Hammond, DPM

Open Ankle Fractures: What Predicts Infection? A Multi-center Study
Reviewed By: Kyle D. Miller, DPM

Improved Outcome and Earlier Return to Activity After Suture Tape Augmentation Versus Broström Repair for Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability? A Systematic Review
Reviewed By: Kevin Nguyen, DPM

Is Early Full Weight Bearing Safe Following Locking Plate ORIF of Distal Fibula Fractures?
Reviewed By: Elliot Olenchek, DPM

Functional Outcomes of Arthroscopic OS Trigonum Excision in Adolescents
Reviewed By: Samantha M. Ralstin, DPM

Chronic Ankle Instability is Associated with Proprioception Deficits: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Reviewed By: Ruchi R. Ram, DPM

A Prospective, Median 15-Year Comparison of Ponseti Casting and Surgical Treatment of Clubfoot
Reviewed By: Saul Rodriguez, DPM

Vitamin C Prevention of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome After Foot and Ankle Surgery: A Prospective Randomized Study of Three Hundred and Twenty-Nine Patients
Reviewed By: Aseem Saini, DPM

Maximizing the Flap Inflow in a Foot Reconstruction: Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Artery Flow in Accordance with the Angle of the Ankle
Reviewed By: Sara Solar, DPM

The Coverage of Soft-Tissue Defects Around the Foot and Ankle Using Free or Local Flaps: A Comparative Cohort Study
Reviewed By: Alexander F. Standiford, DPM

Three-Year Rates of Reoperation and Revision Following Mobile Versus Fixed-Bearing Total Ankle Arthroplasty: A Cohort of 302 Patients with 2 Implants of Similar Design
Reviewed By: Devrie Stellar, DPM

Outcome of Gastrocnemius Soleus Facial Lengthening in Ambulatory Patients with Cerebral Palsy
Reviewed By: Ryan J. Stone, DPM

Pedicled Sural Flaps Versus Free Anterolateral Thigh Flaps in Reconstruction of Dorsal Foot and Ankle Defects in Children: A Systematic Review
Reviewed By: Rebecca Van Dyke, DPM

Clinical Outcomes of Anterior Tibiofibular Ligament’s Distal Fascicle Transfer Versus Ligament Reconstruction with Internalbrace™ For Chronic Ankle Instability Patients
Reviewed By:  Elliott N. Wityk, DPM

Patient Reported Outcomes and Satisfaction Following Single Incision Flexor Hallucis Longus (Fhl) Augmentation for Chronic Achilles Tendon Pathologies
Reviewed By: Sara Yancovitz, DPM

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