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Benjamin D. Cullen, DPM, FACFAS, Senior Editor 

ACFAS Scientific Literature Review Monthly offers a variety of published articles, including clinical studies, case reports, methodology and technical reports, clinical pearls, literature reviews and more. Each issue constitutes a state-of-the-art textbook chapter in the field of foot and ankle surgery.

January 2021

Incidence of Concomitant Chondral/Osteochondral Lesions in Acute Ankle Fractures and Their Effect on Clinical Outcome: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Reviewed By: Arwa Akram, DPM

An Injectable Hydrogel Scaffold With Kartogenin-Encapsulated Nanoparticles for Porcine Cartilage Regeneration: A 12-Month Follow-up Study
Reviewed By: Joseph H. Altepeter, DPM

Surgical Treatment of Midfoot Charcot Neuroarthropathy with Osteomyelitis in Patients with Diabetes: A Systematic Review
Reviewed By: Jorge L. Amaro, DPM

Infected Chronic Ischemic Wounds Topically Treated with Multi-Strain Probiotic Formulation: A Novel Tailored Treatment Strategy
Reviewed By: Elizabeth A. Ansert, DPM

Segmental Foot and Ankle Kinematic Differences Between Rectus, Planus, and Cavus Foot Types
Reviewed By: Jacob R. Bolling, DPM

Pattern of Recovery and Outcomes of Patient Reported Physical Function and Pain Interference After Ankle Fusion: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Reviewed By: Donald D. Cohen, DPM

Dyschromic Nails, Exertional Dyspnea, and Lower Extremity Edema    
Reviewed By: Samuel R. Gorelik, DPM

Pedal Bypass Surgery Prevents Amputation in Patients with Critical Lower Limb Ischemia – A Single Center Experience of 99 Pedal Bypass Operations
Reviewed By: Mallory A. Kirkland, DPM

Missed Foot Fractures in Multiple Trauma Patients
Reviewed By: Bridget M. Metzo, DPM

Arthroscopic Ankle Arthrodesis Provides Similarly Satisfactory Surgical Outcomes in Ankles with Severe Deformity Compared With Mild Deformity in Elderly Patients
Reviewed By: Weldon G.  Murry, DPM

Foot Metastasis: Current Knowledge
Reviewed By: Ruchi R. Ram, DPM

Treating Heel Pain in Adults: A Randomized Clinical Trial of Hard Versus Modified Soft Custom Orthotics and Heel Pads
Reviewed By: Ellen I. Roberts, DPM

Association of Bolster Duration with Up-take Rates of Fibula Donor Site Skin Grafts
Reviewed By: Sara M. Solar, DPM

Successful Ponseti-treated Clubfeet at Age 2 Years: What Is the Rate of Surgical Intervention After This?
Reviewed By: Tyler D. Sten, DPM

Does Repair of Deltoid Ligament Contribute to Restoring a Mortise in SER Type IV Ankle Fracture with Syndesmotic Diastasis?
Reviewed By: Steven L. Stuto, DPM

Relationship Between Sever Disease and Skeletal Maturity
Reviewed By: Dustin Theis, DPM

The Added Diagnostic Value of the Bright Rim Sign to Conventional MRI Assessment of Anterior Talofibular Ligament Disruption
Reviewed By: Rebecca Van Dyke, DPM

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