Residency Directors Forum 2017

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Sunday, February 26, 2017
The Mirage Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

The 2017 Residency Directors Forum was the largest gathering of residency directors at the ACFAS Annual Scientific Conference to date!  The meeting was co-hosted by the ACFAS Post Graduate Affairs (PGA) Committee and the Council of Teaching Hospitals (COTH) in advance of the ACFAS Annual Scientific Conference in Las Vegas. Residency directors and program faculty from around the country were on hand to gather information from the ACFAS PGA Committee, COTH, CPME, AACPM, ABFAS, PRR, and ABPM, as well as other speakers.

The goal of the meeting was met: to provide a venue for dialogue between residency directors and the various organizations, which influence residency education and training. It was also an opportunity to provide feedback to the various organizations. “With the upcoming re-write of CPME 320, residency directors presented ideas for change that can impact residency training in the future. Dr. Emily Cook’s discussion on standardizing competences and evaluation forms was a great example of what may be in-store for residency programs in the near future,” stated Tim Ford, DPM, FACFAS, chair of the ACFAS Post Graduate Affairs Committee, and moderator of this year’s forum.

“It is the hope of the ACFAS Post Graduate Affairs Committee that we continue to provide residency directors with the right tools to assist in their day-to-day activities of managing their programs.” stated Dr. Ford. Presentations from this year’s forum are posted on the ACFAS website and can be downloaded below.

Residency Directors Forum 2018
Save the date for the 2018 Forum scheduled on Wednesday, March 21, in advance of next year’s ACFAS Annual Scientific Conference in Nashville.

2017 Downloadable Presentations:

Alphabet Soup: What’s New from AACPM, COTH and CPME
Susan Claffey, director of the AACPM Office of Graduate Services; Lori DeBlasi, DPM, FACFAS, chair, CPME; and Nahla Wu, associate director, CPME

This session provided an update from COTH and AACPM on the January centralized residency interviews, COTH CME Workshop and the Clerkship and Residency Coordinator Committee meeting held at CRIP in Frisco, Texas. CPME representatives filled attendees in on what’s new with council. They went over the site visit overview and provided best practices for program directors, discussed the site evaluator overview/recruitment and explained the CPME 320 rewrite process.  
Download AACPM presentation
Download CPME presentation

PRR 2.0: Clearing the Log Jam

Nikki Lewis, operations manager, Podiatry Residency Resource Content; Randy Dei, DPM, FACFAS, Chair, CPME

This session reviewed the PRR 2.0 Version and provided a CLADD logging update.  
Download presentation 1

Download presentation 2

All Aboard: Hear the Latest from the Boards Themselves
Kathy Kreiter, executive director, ABFAS; Mindy Benton, DPM, FACFAS, president, ABFAS; Richard Gershon, ABFAS psychometrician; Marc Benard, DPM, executive director, ABPM

Representatives from ABFAS and ABPM discussed in-training exam methodology/subject areas/results/usage, biomechanical case requirements and the different certification processes.
Download ABFAS presentation
Download ABPM presentation
Download ABPM handout

Risky Business: Unsocial Media
Ross Taubman, DPM, FACFAS, president, Podiatry Insurance Company of America (PICA)

Attendees learned about HIPAA privacy and security risks of using electronic communications, electronic health records and social media in daily practice. Potential malpractice risks of electronic devices and communication was discussed. The importance of business associate agreements in practice, especially as they relate to electronic devices and communication, was also covered.
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Assessments: Room for Improvement

Emily Cook, DPM, FACFAS

This presentation discussed the current requirements for on-service competencies and evaluation forms. Ways to improve the resident evaluation process, including how the profession could blend together the rubric of CPME requirements and key elements of ACGME's new accreditation system to improve parity and relations, was discussed.
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It’s Your Turn: Point-Counterpoint Discussion
Moderator: Tim Ford, DPM, FACFAS This open Q & A session covered: 

  • Standardized Self-Assessment/Competencies
  • The Problem Resident
  • Site Visit Process
  • Educational Venues, i.e., Podcasts vs. Slides

The ACFAS Post Graduate Affairs Committee would like your opinions and ideas on these subjects as well as other topics to help provide feedback to CPME as the 320 document undergoes a rewrite.
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