Scientific Literature Reviews

Benjamin D. Cullen, DPM, FACFAS, Senior Editor 

ACFAS Scientific Literature Review Monthly offers a variety of published articles, including clinical studies, case reports, methodology and technical reports, clinical pearls, literature reviews and more. Each issue constitutes a state-of-the-art textbook chapter in the field of foot and ankle surgery.

September 2021

Additional Inferior Extensor Retinaculum Augmentation After All-Inside Arthroscopic Anterior Talofibular Ligament for Chronic Ankle Instability is not Necessary
Reviewed By: Raul Aviles, DPM

Outcomes of Posterior Malleolar Fixation in Ankle Fractures in a Major Trauma Centre
Reviewed By: Garrett M. Biela, DPM

Return to Play After Low-Energy Lisfranc Injuries in High-Demand Individuals
Reviewed By: Kathryn T. Cecere, DPM

Weight Bearing Versus Non-Weight Bearing Ankle Dorsiflexion Measurement in People with Diabetes: A Cross Sectional Study
Reviewed By: Joseph A. Cote, DPM

Effect of Tourniquet Use During Surgical Treatment of Open Fractures
Reviewed By: Hans C. Humrick, DPM

Effect of Early Weight Bearing on Outcomes After Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Trimalleolar Ankle Fractures
Reviewed By: Conor Ross Keeley, DPM

Prevalence of Mucocutaneous Manifestations, Oral and Palmoplantar Findings in 666 Patients with Covid-19 in A Field Hospital in Spain
Reviewed By: Amida Kuah, DPM

Do Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory or COX-2 Inhibitor Drugs Increase the Nonunion or Delayed Union Rates After Fracture Surgery? A Propensity-Score-Matched Study
Reviewed By: Jacqueline C. Lucke, DPM

Do Early Weight Bearing and Range of Motion Affect Outcomes in Operatively Treated Ankle Fractures: A systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Reviewed By: Shiv Mehta, DPM

Magnetic Resonance Imaging T2* Mapping of the Talar Dome and Subtalar Joint Cartilage 3 Years After Anterior Talofibular Ligament Repair or Reconstruction in Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability
Reviewed By: Callie Morlock, DPM

High-Stress Distribution in the Lateral Region of the Subtalar Joint in the Patient with Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability
Reviewed By: Jacob M. Perkins, DPM

Immediate Weight-Bearing and Range of Motion After Internal Fixation of Selected Malleolar Fractures: A Retrospective Controlled Study
Reviewed By: Reva A. Bork, DPM

Supination Adduction Ankle Fractures are Associated with Arthritis and Poor Outcomes
Reviewed By: Rhennetta J. Bork, DPM

Factors Associated with Perioperative Opioid Demand in Lower Extremity Fractures: Does Consumption Vary by Anatomic Location?
Reviewed By: Blake T. Savage, DPM

Long-term Results of Displaced Intra-articular Calcaneal Fractures Treated with Minimal Invasive Surgery Using Percutaneous Screw Fixation
Reviewed By: Hendrik Ryan Tan, DPM, MHA

Autologous Matrix-Induced Chondrogenesis With Lateral Ligament Stabilization for Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus in Patients with Ankle Instability
Reviewed By: Michelle K. Yoakim, DPM

Third-Generation Minimally Invasive Chevron and Akin Osteotomies (MICA) in Hallux Valgus Surgery: 2 year follow-up of 292 Cases
Reviewed By: Hannan Zahid, DPM

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