Foot & Ankle Surgeon Video for Patients

Use this new promotional Take a New Look at Foot and Ankle Surgeons video to let your patients and potential patients know who you are and what you do!

Promote yourself and your practice by placing this patient-focused video:

  • in your waiting room,
  • on your practice website,
  • in your social media posts,
  • at your local health fair,
  • or anywhere you want to promote why patients should see a foot and ankle surgeon!

This high-quality video is available in both a large-format size for use on a TV or monitor and in a smaller-file size for use on your website or social media channels. Use this in conjunction with other Take a New Look at Foot and Ankle Surgeons promotional pieces for healthcare referrals to enhance your practice marketing efforts.

Choose your option to download the version best suited for your method of viewing:

Large Format (280 MB)

Small Format (11 MB)