Scott C. Nelson, DPM, FACFAS
ACFAS President

The timing of the release of The Last Dance the Michael Jordan (MJ) docuseries was impeccable and brought together sport and culture in a time when both are in flux. Having lived through those years, I enjoyed being a fan of the Bulls during their championship run and it was great to remember those moments in life happening around those games. I was amazed at how a six-foot, six-inch man could play the game of basketball as well as a role in culture that was larger than life. He seemed to do this effortlessly and, with watching the docuseries, it exposed the fact that he struggled at times and learned he couldn’t do it alone. He needed pieces to the puzzle to make the perfect picture.

While there were many memorable quotes in the series, one from MJ resonated with me, “Why would I think about missing a shot I haven’t taken?” His words speak to his mentality and how he attacked the opportunities presented to him. He was often given the ball at times when success was needed to win. He wasn’t always perfect, but his mentality of the situation never changed—it’s this mentality that reminds me of our own members of ACFAS. Over the past few months committee chairs have been given “shots” and I can say, without a doubt, they were “nothing but net.”

One such member, whom I’ve had the opportunity to work with on several different educational offerings, is Roya Mirmiran, DPM FACFAS, chair for post graduate affairs. She proved the importance of our post graduate affairs and was quick to assemble a multi-discipline conference call to help identify our best course of action for our students and residents during the uncertain time of COVID. Working with the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, the Council of Podiatric Medical Education and our College, we came to a solution that created a positive effect for thousands by offering our educational programs for those residents and students impacted by the Coronavirus limitations.

Danielle Butto, DPM FACFAS, chair for Practice Management and Sam Nava, DPM, FACFAS, chair for Health Policy worked with remarkable speed to help get our position statements in order and organize a COVID resource page for our members to access. The page proved to be a tremendous resource for our members with tips on how to maintain a practice and health policy fact sheets when safety was at a priority. The Practice Management committee also quickly put together the highly attended informational webinar on Practice Survival During COVID. All were very coordinated efforts, which required great communication and thorough understanding of the issues.

Shane Hollawell, DPM FACFAS, chair for Education and Scientific Affairs committee, has been active in our response to the changing climate occurring in CME delivery during the pandemic. Our first virtual CME offering was initiated, and this option of delivery will only grow and strengthen in the years to come.

These leaders are a part of the team and again they can’t do it without their own supporting team members. The members on their committees, as well as other unnamed committee chairs and members, are working hard for all of us as well—all done alongside the hard work of our staff at the College who make these things possible.

In watching The Last Dance, I was reminded how MJ needed to accept his role as a better teammate in the triangle offense and try not to do everything himself. Once he had a strong support in coaching and players, the sky was the limit. I feel we are already at that point here at the College and we have members ready, willing and able to contribute. Just as important is our openness to new ideas and focus on continual improvement. Don’t worry, we are not asking you to take the last shot in the game—but if you want to help contribute and make a positive impact, get involved because in the end, we all want to be like Mike.