ACFAS Clinical & Scientific Resources

Applications for the ACFAS Clinical & Scientific Research Grant are now open!

Thanks to support from PICA and the ACFAS Regions, the College will again be offering funding of up to $75,000 for an established investigator and $25,000 for a new researcher.

Important Dates
Letters of intent were due September 15 at 5:00 pm CT.
Final applications must be received by October 15 at 5:00 pm CT.
Awards will be announced in December and funding will be provided in January 2023.

How to Apply
All applications must follow a modified NIH R21 format. The principal investigator (PI) must be a member of ACFAS in good standing. Fellows and residents may not serve as PI. Applicants must identify if they are seeking an established investigator award or new researcher award. Generally speaking, established investigators will have a history of prior funding and publications.

New researchers must satisfy each of the following requirements: 
  • No prior ACFAS research grant award serving as PI
  • Prior research funding (if any) does not total more than $25,000
  • Current faculty rank (if any) is not greater than Assistant Professor
  • Publication H-factor is not greater than 8  
All projects must be completed within a one to two-year time frame. If needed, a one-year extension may be granted for an established investigator or a six-month extension for a new researcher. Distribution of funds will be based upon the completion of project milestones/deliverables. The PI salary may not exceed 10 percent of the total budget. Salary will only be disbursed at the final milestone - submission to The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery for publication. Indirect expenses are capped at 5 percent. Any unused funds must be returned to the ACFAS Clinical & Scientific Research Grant Program.  

All applications are scored by an independent review panel of content experts. Each reviewer will assign a single global score to each application, and not each section. Non-recused members of the ACFAS Research Committee serve as managers of the grant program and determine when milestones have been achieved.  

Applications for a second year of funding will be considered only on a competitive basis and must adhere to the criteria outlined for initial submissions including the October 15 deadline. Funding beyond the initial $75,000 or $25,000 for a second year is not guaranteed. Competitive renewals must include a progress report detailing the investigative team’s progress and justification for an additional year of new funding.