Volunteer Opportunities

ACFAS taps into the talent of its members to lead the organization into the future. Every year, the College brings in new volunteers to provide the energy required to bring to fruition the College’s strategic initiatives.

This work happens at the committee, task force, educational program faculty, and regional level of the College.

As a member of the College, you have the opportunity to get involved, grow yourself in your career as a foot and ankle surgeon, and lead ACFAS by volunteering. There are a few ways to get involved:

2020 Call for Volunteers. The College is currently seeking volunteers to serve on committees for the 2020-2021 year. If you are a leader, a thinker, a team player and a hard worker, serving on an ACFAS committee may be for you. If you want to help shape the future of your profession by serving on an ACFAS committee, Clinical Consensus Panel, or as a reviewer of Scientific Literature, please submit your application by October 31, 2019:

      Mobile Users: If submitting via a mobile device 1) Open in Adobe Reader (or another PDF reader), 2) complete form, 3) If Submit button doesn’t work use the Share feature ( icon in Adobe) and share as a file.  PC Users:  It is best to use Internet Explorer or Firefox when completing this form.

Residents: There are limited spots on ACFAS committees for first year residents only. If you are interested, please contact Michelle Kennedy at michelle.kennedy@acfas.org.

The College is comprised of eleven committees and task forces. These teams of volunteers bring the strategic plan to life by taking responsibility for certain tactics outlined in the plan, and providing guidance and oversight for these projects created by the committees and task forces. If you would like to volunteer, please read the ACFAS Volunteer Requirements.

ACFAS Committees and Task Forces are as follows:

Volunteer to Instruct an ACFAS Education Program
The ACFAS educational program committees have expanded the scope of topics at our annual scientific conference and surgical skills courses. Instructors are needed to lead these new courses and sessions.

Volunteer as an Officer of an ACFAS Region
ACFAS invites all members to get involved in their local region and support the profession at the grassroots level. The nine ACFAS Regions offer the opportunity to connect with other members through local seminars, meetings and labs. Regions offer scholarships and grants to students and residents. Interested in volunteering? For more information, contact the Region President in your area.

Educational Opportunities