ACFAS Strategic Compass

Directions to Our Future

Updated Annually by the ACFAS Board of Directors

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Our Vision

Inspire excellence in foot and ankle care for every patient by every member.

Our Mission

Empower our members to be proven leaders and lifelong leaners who positively impact the lives of their patients.

Our Strategic Initiatives

To achieve the vision and mission, ACFAS membership surveys have identified six strategic initiatives:

  • Continue as the preeminent source of CME for the practicing foot and ankle surgeon.
  • Champion the cause of continually enhancing the post-doctoral education process to advance the cause of professional equality.
  • Support student clubs at medical schools to enhance surgical education.
  • Advocate and assist in the development of post-doctoral fellowships to advance physician expertise and to advance the cause of professional equality.
  • Champion the development of virtual CME.

  • Build consumer awareness of the specialized training of our members.
  • Promote the specialty to appropriate physician and healthcare organizations.
  • Define and differentiate the surgical specialty.
  • Proactively interact with public policy governing bodies and the healthcare community.

  • Publish and enhance the prestigious Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery.
  • Support and fund the development of research endeavors.
  • Promote and integrate Evidence Based Medicine into all podiatric surgery research and practice to influence treatment protocols, reimbursement, and to enhance the profession's credibility.
  • Create and publish Clinical Consensus Statements (CCSs).

  • Represent the specialty to accrediting organizations and assist members with credentialing and privileging issues.
  • Provide assistance and advocacy on federal and state issues affecting scope of practice and right to work issues.
  • Represent the specialty to public and private insurance companies.
  • Provide assistance to members with hospital privileging issues.

  • Deliver targeted, high quality practice management education and services as identified in the practice management core competencies.

  • Stay member-focused and proactive through knowledge based governance and continuous member needs assessment.
  • Ensure sound financial management for annual and long-term needs.
  • Maintenance and enhancement of membership.
  • Proactively monitor and prepare for external risks that could seriously jeopardize our specialty, profession and organization.
  • Ensure highly-qualified, diversity of our leadership and staff.
  • Ensure a highly-trained diverse staff, competent in medical association management.
  • Continuously upgrade the use of technology in member communications.