Volunteer Requirements


Who should volunteer? How can I volunteer?

If you have a passion for the College and the below sounds like you, then we encourage you to volunteer. The College's Call for Volunteers is an annual event, which occurs every fall. If you have never served as a volunteer for ACFAS, consider volunteering for the coming year. We need both new and experienced wisdom. 

Committee appointments are approved by the Board of Directors. Terms of service are for one year, starting and ending at the Annual Scientific Conference.

  • Knowledge relevant to the committee or working group's purpose.
  • A dedication to furthering the College’s mission
  • A desire to develop personal leadership expertise.
  • A willingness to learn from others.
  • A positive attitude and high degree of flexibility.
  • A passion for innovation and new ideas.
  • A commitment to volunteer-staff partnership.

Expectations of ACFAS Leaders

  • You are an ACFAS Fellow or Associate Member. Resident Members and non-DPM appointees are periodically appointed to committees tasks requiring specialized input.
  • Commit to participating actively in all scheduled meetings and between-meeting communications.
  • Attend and promote the events related to your group's purpose.
  • Notify staff when you are unable to attend. Respond to all emails within 24 hours.
  • Act as an ambassador for the College in the podiatric community.
  • Sign a conflict of interest statement and disclose any conflicts openly at the outset of meetings.
  • Committee chairs also sign a duality of interest form.

Time Commitments 

  • Committees are "year-round" groups with ongoing responsibilities. An estimate of meetings per year is listed for each standing committee. Each committee meets face-to-face or by conference call on an as-needed basis. Face-to-face meetings are usually held over a weekend to minimize time away from your practice.
  • Task Forces often have program-specific roles and thus typically do not meet year-round. These groups generally will meet 1-2 times maximum.