ACFAS Strategic Compass

Directions to Our Future

Updated Annually by the ACFAS Board of Directors

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Our Vision

Improving quality of life through exceptional foot and ankle care.

Our Mission 

Advancing excellence in foot and ankle surgery to achieve superior patient outcomes.

Our Values

Educational Excellence
We aim to exemplify the highest ideals in advancing and improving standards of education and surgical skills in the foot and ankle.

We strive to meet the highest ethical standards in the College's endeavors.

We embrace forward-thinking, creativity, and adaptability to improve patient care.

Diversity and Inclusion
We are committed to fostering a community that promotes respect for diversity of opinion, inclusive of all origins with transparent and open communication.

Strategic Governance
We support foot and ankle surgeons through adoption of leading practices in strategic governance.

Our Domains and Strategic Goals

To achieve the mission and vision and guided by our values, ACFAS members have prioritized the following domains, strategic goals and objectives:

1. Scientific Education: Deliver trusted, innovative scientific education to members at each stage in their career.

  • Deliver preeminent CME by offering contemporary and innovative learning to practicing foot and ankle surgeons.
  • Deliver educational offerings incorporating best practices in education and utilizing advanced learning platforms.
  • Develop and provide leading CME at each career stage.

2. Promoting the Specialty: Increase the public and health care communities understanding of and appreciation for ACFAS members as foot and ankle surgeons.

  • Define and promote the specialty of foot and ankle surgery to patients, the media, and the healthcare community.
  • Educate patients, the community-at-large and the media on foot and ankle health.
  • Promoting ACFAS members as the leading experts in the specialty of foot and ankle surgery.

3. Research and Quality: Support and advance research that improves foot and ankle care to optimize patient outcomes.

  • Provide resources to promote and publish quality research.
  • Facilitate the distribution of quality research and evidence-based science.
  • Generate and utilize data to improve the quality of patient care.

4. Advocacy and Health Policy: Represent the specialty through professional advocacy to improve the quality of patient care.

  • Leverage the collective voice of the ACFAS membership to advance physician reimbursement and health policy issues.
  • Support patient access to quality care through advocating on issues affecting licensing, privileging, and scope of practice issues.
  • Incorporate health policy outcomes in education.

5. Professional Community and Development: Recruit, develop and support a robust community of exceptional foot and ankle surgeons.

  • Recruit, support, and engage members at every career stage.
  • Support and mentor student clubs to help grow the specialty and future membership within the College.
  • Deliver high-quality practice management education and resources.
  • Engage and provide support for residency directors and educators.
  • Identify and develop leaders in the profession and within the College.
  • Support post graduate fellowships to advance professional expertise and professional equality.