The National Foot and Ankle Registry

Uncover data. Discover insights. Transform care.

The National Foot and Ankle Registry (NFAR) is being developed in partnership with foot and ankle surgeons to offer a comprehensive and unparalleled nationwide view of foot and ankle surgery data.  

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Simplified Data Entry and Collection
Easily enter and access data, including patient-reported outcomes (PROs), through our user-friendly platform. The modules cover ankle arthritis, hammer toe, hallux valgus and infection.

Effortless Data Analysis
Our dynamic and intuitive reporting interface simplifies data analysis and insight discovery. Generate engaging, in-depth reports with interactive dashboards and visualizations tailored to your needs.

Access Standardized Data
Easily compare apples to apples with our structured data that is consistently formatted, clean, and includes well-defined measures.

Dedicated Customer Support
Our team is here to assist you with onboarding, technical support, and any questions you have along the way.


  • Gain exclusive insights into comprehensive national data on foot and ankle surgery.
  • Optimize operations, decrease readmissions and improve reimbursements through data-driven decisions. 
  • Identify the tools, techniques and care approaches that enhance patient outcomes and improve team performance.
  • Establish consistency across practices and facilities through the analysis of roll-up data and benchmarking.
  • Save valuable time and reduce costs by accessing and easily manipulating data, eliminating weeks of manual research.
  • Integrates smoothly into your existing workflows with limited impact on day-to-day procedures.

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Learn more with our informational webinar, which will be held in late May/early June. 
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