Seeking Fellowships

Fellowships are relatively new to the field of podiatric surgery and present the opportunity for advanced training and further specialization within the field. Typically one year in duration, a fellowship is initiated following completion of a residency training program. Different specializations that offer fellowships include, but are not limited to:

  • Advanced Rearfoot Reconstruction
  • Research

Certainly fellowships are not for everyone and the vast majority of residents do not complete them, but it is likely that they will continue to become more common in our field. Fellowships should be considered by those who would like a complement or supplement to their residency training, those who plan to practice within an academic setting, or those who are interested in highly specialized practices.

Those interested in pursuing a fellowship, should begin looking in earnest during the second year of their residency training. There is no centralized process for application, so the majority of the requirements and deadlines are individualized to the particular program. Residents who are interested should begin gathering information as soon as possible, ask as many questions about the process as possible and find an experienced mentor who has been through it before.

ACFAS Recognized and Conditional Status Fellowships

Educational Opportunities