Formulating a Research Topic/Performing a Literature Search

The first in a series, this webinar aims to help fellows, residents and students engage in research. Elizabeth Ansert, DPM, MBA, MA reviews how to develop a strong research question and perform a good literary search. The important elements of a good research question as well as a research objective and hypothesis development are also reviewed.


Rachel Albright, DPM, MPH, AACFAS


Elizabeth Ansert, DPM, MBA, MA is a first-year podiatric surgical resident at Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester, MA and current member of the ACFAS research committee. She is a graduate of Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine and has a strong interest in research, wound care and reconstructive surgery. Her publications range from multiple sub-specialties of podiatry including ulceration debridement and wound care, vascular theory, patient assessment, forensic science, and social aspects of podiatry.

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