AACPM's Feet on the Street Initiative


 Share the Profession with the Next Generation

 The College is proud to support American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine’s (AACPM) new student recruitment effort, Feet on the Street, to help increase the number of applicants to the colleges of podiatric medicine and we need members like you to help us in the outreach effort. 

What is Feet on the Street?
AACPM launched its new student recruitment initiative on September 1, 2023 to introduce students of all ages to the dynamic profession of foot and ankle surgery. 

Feet on the Street is integrated outreach plan utilizing traditional promotional channels such as social media, podcasts and blogs as well as an enhanced structured component, which creates opportunities for DPMs to visit 220 colleges across the nation who are currently not sending students to the schools and colleges of podiatric medicine. These visits are beyond the standard recruitment plans at each podiatric medical school and will leverage the dean and clinical faculty to visit undergraduate institutions with a local podiatric physician to create a purposeful opportunity to introduce the career to premedical students and advisors.

 What Can You Do to Help? 

  1. Volunteer your time to allow students of any age to shadow you in your practice/residency program to see what you do each day and the impact you make on the healthcare continuum and your patients.
  2. Volunteer to visit one of the 220 colleges across the country that currently are not sending students to the schools and colleges of podiatric medicine. Speak to the pre-medical students and advisors to introduce the career and once again, the importance of being part of a profession with huge impact on the health and wellbeing of patients.

How Do I Sign Up?
ACFAS is collecting the names of our members to help AACPM oversee all outreach through this Volunteer Form. An AACPM representative will contact you when they have either a shadowing opportunity or a college in your area they would like to reach.

 Also, be sure to take photos and video to share with us and AACPM so we can highlight your efforts in social media, blogs, podcasts and other outreach activities as part of the initiative.

 To learn more about AACPM’s Feet on the Street student recruitment, visit explorepodmed.org and deanschat.com.