Intermediate Learning Pathway: Lapidus - Treatment Options and Complications



Learning Objectives of this Pathway:


  • Understand the indications for Lapidus Arthrodesis
  • Recognize and understand the possible complications of Lapidus Arthrodesis
  • Understands various fixation methods for Lapidus Arthrodesis
  • Understand the biomechanics related to Lapidus Arthrodesis

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Day 1:

JFAS Articles:


Clinical Sessions (individual):


Day 2:

Clinical Sessions (full course):
Dissecting and Debating the Lapidus

Day 3:

JFAS Articles:



Day 4:

JFAS Articles:


Lapidus Controversies

Clinical Sessions (individual):
Getting Out of a Mess: When Lapidus Won't Reduce

Additional Outside Journal References


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The ACFAS learning pathways are a tool to be used by residency directors, fellowship directors and school faculty to aid with didactic learning during the COVID-19 crisis. They are not intended to replace a curriculum, but to supplement student and resident education during this time of need. The learning pathways are divided into basic, intermediate, and advanced categories. Pathways have been organized into specific topics that have a variety of educational materials from the ACFAS On Demand course content. They also include journal articles with links primarily from The Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery (JFAS).