You have achieved ABFAS board certified or qualified status, now, take the ultimate step in your evolution as a true foot and ankle surgeon by joining your select peers in the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) and taking advantage of the numerous benefits ACFAS membership offers.

Only the best. Unlike other organizations, only board-certified or board-qualified surgeons are invited to join the College. This key difference means you are a proven leader and elevates your image with patients and other healthcare professionals. It raises the collective wisdom of our programs and research and advances your competencies to deliver better patient care.

ACFAS members are lifelong learners. By using the collective wisdom of 7,800 proven surgeons, you can trust the College to provide you with the respect, professionalism, superior training and management savvy you want and need.

ACFAS members change lives every day, by using their proven and unique skills to improve human mobility. Isn’t that the bottom line of what you do? And every step of the way, ACFAS is your proud partner.

Surgery has transformed us from chiropodists to podiatrists, to today’s foot and ankle surgeons. ACFAS is critical to the future of podiatry. The work of foot and ankle surgeons over the last 75+ years has helped pave the way for professional parity in the medical community and broaden our scopes of practice. ACFAS is proud of our impact and fully committed to the wider podiatric community — as we have been for more than 75 years.

ACFAS’ goal is to serve as the preeminent source for surgical education and research to ensure that our specialty thrives and that America’s patients receive the best foot and ankle surgical care possible.

The track record is clear. Our CME offerings, Annual Scientific Conferences, hands-on clinical training, patient education, and practice management resources represent the gold standard for foot and ankle surgeons.

As a member of ACFAS, you have access to better resources and better means of preparing yourself to pass ABFAS board exams than those provided by any other organization. Our Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery leads the profession in the quality of its scientific studies and our advanced training seminars enable our members to offer the most state-of-the-art procedures — with a result that improves care for patients and the standing of our specialty.

Beyond the practical tools and resources is the imprimatur of the ACFAS brand. Fellows of the College have attained the highest level of professional skill possible in podiatric medicine, and the prestige and in-demand status that is associated with the designation. Because ACFAS is the only specialty organization that requires board certification or qualification of its members, the brand has added value in the wider healthcare community and with the general public.