ACFAS Position Statement

Truth in Advertising by Foot and Ankle Surgeons

Approved by the ACFAS Board of Directors, November 2021

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Members of ACFAS should represent themselves and their abilities in a truthful and trustful manner, both in private and public. Foot and ankle surgeons, as valued members of the healthcare team, should put their patients’ needs first and help them to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare needs.

ACFAS members subscribe to the highest ethical, professional and legal standards. This is paramount when members advertise or discuss publicly their healthcare services. ACFAS members will not misrepresent their abilities or provide false information to healthcare consumers. Patients place their trust in foot and ankle surgeons as truthful stewards who render professional and competent treatment.

Today's regulations define three main areas that constitute false advertising: failure to disclose, flawed and insignificant research, and product disparagement. All healthcare providers are subject to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission regulations on advertising. ACFAS asks its members to comply with these federal regulations as well as all applicable State and local laws and avoid making false or misleading statements about a provider’s ability to render treatment. Members should be aware that false statements/advertisement can be demonstrated through a variety of mediums, including information appearing on behalf of colleagues, books, periodicals, social media forums, newspapers, television, radio, magazines, videos, public presentations, etc.

Foot and ankle surgeons who are members of ACFAS are asked to be vigilant to the adherence of standards that achieve truth in advertising and hold all members of the healthcare staff to the same standards.

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