University Hospitals Regional Hospitals Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgery Fellowship

Program Director:
Mark Mendeszoon, DPM, FACFAS

Other Program Faculty:
Hayley Iosue, DPM, AACFAS

Recent Post Graduate Fellows:
2024-2025: Peter Talisse, DPM and Anna Kay Thompson, DPM
2023-2024: Brandon Paul Kitchens, DPM, MBA, AACFAS and Asad Sohail, DPM
2022-2023: David Ball, DPM and Alec Dierksheide, DPM

Precision Orthopedic Specialties
150 Seventh Avenue
Suite 200
Chardon, OH 44024
Phone: (440) 285-4999

Program Information:
Program Details
Program Video
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Number of Positions:

One year with an optional second year

Program Start and End Dates:
July 1 – June 30

Program Application:
ACFAS Standard Fellowship Application Form

Application Deadline:
May 1
Site visits start April 1 and must be completed by June 1. Selection process for residence by June 30.

$71,400; benefits provided

Position Location:
Chardon, OH

Research Requirements:
Produce two publications

Program Summary/Training Goals:

  1. This is the only two-year advanced foot and ankle surgical reconstruction fellowship credentialed by both ACFAS and CPME. The program is focused on providing advanced lower extremity clinical and surgical exposure to adults and pediatrics. The fellow has the autonomy to tailor the fellowship experience to his or her career interests.
  2. Over 600 surgical cases are performed annually with the fellowship director alone. Surgical diversity includes foot, ankle, and leg trauma, reconstructive surgery, pediatric flatfoot, total ankle replacements, diabetic charcot reconstruction, external fixation, sports injuries, arthroscopy, forefoot and rearfoot elective procedures and diabetic limb salvage.
  3. Gain exposure to an orthopaedic group private practice including clinical management of patients of various pathologies, pre-operative and post-operative care, clinical procedures including ultrasound exposure, radiograph, CT and MRI interpretation, practice management, coding and billing, and participation in fellow’s clinic.
  4. Emphasis on a variety of sports medicine with children, high school, collegiate, professional, Olympians and weekend warriors. Coverage of sporting events including football, basketball, wrestling, cross country, track, road races and volleyball alongside athletic trainers. Working with a team physician to six high schools, consultant to several universities and Spire Institute world class Olympic training site. Physical therapy is on the clinic premises.
  5. Wide exposure to biomechanics, orthotics, athletic shoe gear, and equipment through a running shop owned by the director.
  6. Rotate with other specialties as desired by the fellow i.e. orthopedic surgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, wound care, physical therapy, etc.
  7. Travel abroad for international rotations or conferences as desired by the fellow.
  8. Work with third year surgical residents, orthopedic residents, and medical students in clinic, inpatient rounding, and surgery. Direct a bi-monthly morbidity and mortality and Board review meeting for 30 podiatry residents, fellows and attendings.
  9. Directly participate by lecturing and attending several academic conferences locally and nationally. Assist Dr. Mendeszoon with planning and executing the National NEOAPM Fall Classic Seminar, the OHFAMA Sports Injury Clinic and ACFAS Great Lakes Region Complications Conferences.
  10. Take an ‘Introduction to Clinical Research’ Course at Case Western University in July with other fellows.
  11. Two quality journal publications per year are mandatory. Poster submissions at the national ACFAS National Conference, APMA National conference, SAWC National conference and other National conferences are mandatory.
  12. Participate in several (approximately five-eight per year) company-sponsored fellowship hands-on training labs and lectures locally and nationally.

Post Graduate Fellows History:
2021-2022: Andrew Falco, DPM, AACFAS and Daniel Reubens, DPM
2020-2021: Joseph Albright, DPM, AACFAS and Hayley Iosue, DPM, AACFAS
2019-2020: Hayley Iosue, DPM, AACFAS and Nunzio Misseri, DPM, AACFAS
2018-2019: Amber Morra, DPM
2017-2019: Elizabeth Sanders, DPM, FACFAS
2016-2017: Alan Kidon, DPM, FACFAS
2015-2016: Matthew Feltner, DPM, AACFAS
2014-2015: Nicole Wilson, DPM
2013-2014: Jeffrey Wunning, DPM, FACFAS