Surgical Skills Committee

The Surgical Skills Committee is responsible for development, site selection, implementation, and refinement of all surgical skills courses.

Ronald G. Ray, DPM, FACFAS, Chair
Eric A. Barp, DPM, FACFAS, Board Liaison
Donald E. Buddecke, Jr., DPM, FACFAS
Gage M. Caudell, DPM, FACFAS
Paul D. Dayton, DPM, FACFAS
Michael A. Gentile, DPM, FACFAS
Caroline R. Kiser, DPM, FACFAS
Jeffrey E. McAlister, DPM, FACFAS
Kyle S. Peterson, DPM, FACFAS
Brett D. Sachs, DPM, FACFAS
Dan McNeill, Staff Liaison

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